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21st – 26th July 2020



This summer we will have two SummerJobs for the first time. Due to the yearly overcrowding during the registration we have decided to arrange a “SummerJob COMEBACK”. We will come back to the place, where we have helped before and we will try to copy the program and the approach of the first year of SummerJob, which took place here ten years ago. The purpose of both the events stays the same – to help where needed for free and to bring social and religious revival to the given area.


The first year of SummerJob COMEBACK will take place in the neighborhood of Broumov, where we helped in years 2013 – 2015 and where we returned several times during the weekend voluntary jobs. We will set our base of operations in Martínkovice and if possible, we would like to other villages as well: Otovice, Křinice, and Božanov.


The registration for SMJ COMEBACK will take place from 1st April 20:00 on the page The limit is only 50 participants. The registration is open only for volunteers older than 21 years.

Note for all the voluntary enthusiasts: you can register only for one of the events, either SMJ in southern Bohemia or SMJ COMEBACK in Broumov region.


The program is still getting prepared. We would be happy to create the program together with you, but you can look forward to some events already.

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