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SummerJob3. 7. – 10. 7. 2022Czech Republic SummerJob COMEBACKDDates TBDTBD


The place where your work gets a new dimension.

SummerJob is a summer voluntary work.

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What is it all about?

SummerJob is a summer voluntary work in villages and towns in Czech borderlands. Each year 150 young volunteers help the local residents during one week. For the first three years we helped in the neighborhood of Manětín in Pilsen region, next three years were in the neighborhood of Broumov in Hradec Králové region, then in the neighborhood of Jeseník in Olomouc region and last year we went to the Czech part of Gratzen Mountains.

We help the households by working in the barns, gardens and houses for free. We help with whatever is necessary. We help the positive change of atmosphere in these locations by establishing friendly relationships with the people, by dialogs and by our cultural program.

SummerJob gives your work a new dimension and it is a proof that working for free is possible even in the world today. Do you want to know, what leads us to this decision? The wish of a living society, which originates in our Christian values.

You can visit our photo gallery to see, what have we experienced in previous years.

SummerJob 2021

SummerJob people will offer their strength to the needed. There will be two SummerJobs this year. There will be also a SummerJob COMEBACK (for more information click here). As usually you can count on SummerJob in the beginning of summer holiday, from 4th to 11th July. You can look forward to enjoying team work, but also a rich cultural and religious program.


We will meet in the Gratzen Mountains in the South Bohemian Region. Our base of operations will be in Benešov nad Černou and we will also help people in the neighboring villages of Horní Stropnice, Pohorská Ves and Malonty.

REGISTRATION The registration for SummerJob will be opened on the 14th April 20:00 on this page. The limit is 150 participants. You need to be at least 18 years old to participate.

The program is still getting prepared, but don’t worry, you will get all the information you need in time.It will be a blast!